Amethyst, February's Birthstone.

There’s something about the colour of Amethysts, February’s Birthstone, that’s mesmerising and enchanting, making you think of mystery, magic and majesty.

The word amethyst derives from the ancient Greek amethustos, which translates to ‘not drunk’ and  Ancient Roman and Greek society believed that wearing Amethyst jewellery or drinking wine out of a vessel fashioned with the purple gemstone kept them sober. 

In the middle ages, Amethysts were a symbol of royalty and were considered one of the most precious gemstones, together with diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and rubies. Only the royal family, nobility, and the highest ranks of the clergy were allowed to wear amethysts. Thanks to the discovery of more abundant supplies of amethyst, the once exclusive gemstone could finally be enjoyed by the general public. 

Roman Catholic bishops traditionally have their episcopal ring set with an amethyst. Ecclesiastical ring, 18th century | Image Source: Wikipedia

 Amethysts have many metaphysical benefits promoting calmness, encouraging focus and success. Because they stimulate the crown chakra and calm your mind / thoughts, they are a popular stone used in meditation.

I personally gravitate to Amethysts and always have one in my office for its protecting and cleansing properties. It is also said to increase intellect, and relieves stress and strain.

I hope this article makes you appreciate this beautiful purple hued member of the quartz family :)